Hope, Healing, and Life-Renewal at His Place

Seeking a Bridge to Brighter Days at Our His Place Ministry

Our His Place transitional housing program at Bright Bridge Ministries is still fully operational at this time.  Designed for men in continuing recovery from alcohol and drug addictions, this program provides an appropriately supportive, structured environment in which residents can thrive.  One of our current residents explains what the program has allowed him to do, saying, “It has given me freedom, but not too much; it has kept me grounded while getting me used to working and living a normal life.”

This current His Place resident found out about the program from a fellow resident in treatment at Lakeview Center’s Road to Recovery program who had a brother, who was a resident in, and highly recommended, His Place.  Glad he heard about His Place this way, our current resident says the program has given him everything he needed and more.

A Journey Toward Healing and Life-Renewal

Among the many things that have improved about his life since he became a resident of His Place, his relationship with his family, which completely dissolved while he battled drug and alcohol addiction, has been restored.  “My family and I have a very healthy relationship now,” he says, “We never used to talk, but now we call just to tell each other about our days.”  Other improved aspects of his life include being able to maintain employment, and enjoying pastimes such as fishing, cooking, hanging out with the guys in His Place, and getting involved with Bright Bridge Ministries by helping to redo the meeting room for Celebrate Recovery, and by helping out with the Food Ministry.  For employment, he installs solar panels on residential homes, and he enjoys this line of work because he has a new change of scenery every day.  Reflecting on the difference between his life at the start of his addiction recovery and where he is now, he notes, “I did not enjoy the simple things in life I used to enjoy, but the people at Bright Bridge have helped me find that again.”  

Of the people at Bright Bridge Ministries, Executive Director Pastor Robin Noble, His Place Manager Keith Cobb, and Assistant Director Pastor B.J. Carpenter Jr., he says they are wonderful, caring, and want to see the His Place residents succeed.  These staff members at Bright Bridge provide clients with everything they need to move from alcohol and drug addiction, to treatment, to re-entering and becoming a productive member of society.  He says of their dedication to their clients,  “If you need groceries at some point, you can go downstairs, and they will give you groceries; they allow you to move in with virtually nothing, allowing you time to find a job; they will give you rides to interviews, or libraries, or whatever you need. “

Although he was not a believer before he entered His Place, the people at Bright Bridge have inspired him to pursue the bible, and his relationship with God.  He especially enjoys Wednesday night bible studies with Chaplain Danny and Sunday morning church services with Pastor Robin.  Both have been positive influences in his life, teaching him humility, and opening his mind to trying and discovering new things.  He now attends several bible studies, eager to dive into the word of God, and to broaden his perspective.

What Makes His Place and Bright Bridge Ministries Unique

"They understand the person I was is not who I am or who I can be, and they genuinely want to see people have a happy life."

His Place Resident at Bright Bridge Ministries Tweet

Concluding his thoughts on how His Place has helped him, he says, “To be honest, it’s been one of the few places where the staff treated me like a person.”  He says the people at Bright Bridge never made him feel judged or belittled, as someone who has struggled with addiction can often feel when going in for treatment.  He says, “They understand the person I was is not who I am or who I can be, and they genuinely want to see people have a happy life.” 

Donate to His Place at Bright Bridge Ministries

We hope you will consider donating to our His Place ministry, to help us help our residents along the path to hope, healing, and life-renewal.  You may donate online at http://whitneys1.sg-host.com/donate/, and specify “His Place Ministry” on the designation of the online donation form, to donate directly to our His Place program.  You may also write a check, payable to:

Bright Bridge Ministries
2600 W. Strong Street
Pensacola, FL, 32505

Specify “His Place Ministry” on the “FOR” line to donate specifically to our His Place program.


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